12 Stages You Go Through When You’re On A Diet

12 Stages You Go Through When You’re On A Diet

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We’ve all been there – starting and failing at a diet. No carb week, juice diet, cleanse diet name it and you’ve tried it all and unfortunately nothing has a made a difference. You’ve reached another level of frustration.  People are always asking you questions like “How’s it going?”, “what diet do you follow?”, “does it really work?” and the dreaded “How much weight have you lost?” you might have failed before but that doesn’t stop you from trying again. If you’re on a diet or planning to go on diet or have been on a diet before, this list is definitely for you.

1. When the bitter realisation first kicks in that you need to go on a diet!

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This is the worst part when you realise you’ve put on weight!

2. Waiting for the right Monday to start your diet because a diet couldn’t possibly start on any other day!


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Oh, I ate a piece of cake ‘by mistake’; I guess I’ll just have to start dieting next Monday.

When you finally start dieting, you’re extremely motivated! You vow to get that bikini body this time around.

3. You’re on the right track! Nothing can stop you now!

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4. Now that you’ve finally started dieting you must also start working out. #Motivation

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You survey all the gyms in the area and decide to start at the earliest.

5. After week one, you decide to give yourself a cheat day. Everyone need a break right?
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Snacking on your favourite food has never felt so good!

6. You start counting calories in everything you eat. You wonder “How many carbs does Maggi have?”

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You decide to switch from Maggi Masala to Maggi Oats because you can’t possible not eat Maggi!

7. You decide never to eat dessert again but find yourself fantasizing about Chocolate Mousse and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cake.

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And then you just can’t resist.

8. Lack of food has made you really ‘Hangry’. And people have started keeping their distance from you.

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No one understands your pain.

9. You start snacking secretly. If no one knows then it doesn’t really count right?

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Chips don’t really have carbs. Umm, do they?

10. You’ve considered giving up but then you convince yourself to stick through for just one more week.

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You’re so close yet so far.

11. You reach the point where you can’t control the temptation anymore so you eat an entire pizza by yourself.

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You have to eat your favourite dish. The distance has depressed you.

12. Eventually you give in to sin. Eh, chocolate’s better than dieting anyway.

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Besides you like being curvy! Who needs to be thin when you can be fat and happy!