12 Struggles You Face While Planning A Family Trip

12 Struggles You Face While Planning A Family Trip

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Planning a family trip can quite be a task. I am sure we all have experienced it somewhere in our lives. It is like a heck of a headache! Calling so many people, choosing dates as per their convenience, office ki chutti ka jugaad, LTA claims, making sure nobody gets hurts and what not!

Here comes a personal experience straight from the heart of the writer:



1. Getting a yes from the parents is the TOUGHEST task!

“Beta tum bache jao.. hum bado ka kya? Humne apne time pe ab ghum lia.”



2. Deciding a destination with so many suggestions around, a life & death matter.

“Simla bada thanda hai! Aur Jaipur bada garam!”


3. Kids on trip? Get ready for some real action and adventures!

“Main apni mummy ke saath hi sounga!” 


4. You are left with few traveling choices.

“Gaadi ka insurance toh hai na? Petrol aur maintenance bada mehenga padega!” ,”Raat ko drive karna isn’t safe!”


5. Budget!

“Yeh toh bahut mehengi jagah hai.” , “Ye to bahut sasti hai.”



6. You might be adjusting your bed space with your not-so-favorite aunty.


7. How can I forget about the dates!?

“Bacho ki school ki chutti nahi hai.” , “ Mera LTA milne hi wala hai.” “Inn dates pe mushkil hai yaar!”




8.The endless excuses from all corners.

“Biwi nahi maan rahi yaar!”, “Hum wahan jaa chuke hain.” , “Aesa karo tum jao, hume rehne do!”



9. Say bye to selfies and hi to group pics! 😀


10. You get all the updates on family gossip.


11. No booze, follow the itinerary and be with US!

“You’ll get lost!”


12. Welcome to the no privacy zone! Have a great trip.

“Yahan pe bhi tune phone pe lage rehna hai!”



P.S- No doubt it will be a completely totally different experience! After all FAMILY IS FAMILY! :p