12 Things Siblings Miss When They Are All Grown-Up

12 Things Siblings Miss When They Are All Grown-Up

Siblings are the friends that God chose for us. They can drive us mad sometimes but we’ll actually go mad if we had to live without them. While growing up we share so much with them and the way they complete our life, we don’t realize how soon we will be going to miss all this.

Rakhi is around the corner and so we decided to go down the memory lane. Here are few realizations that time taught us about our sibling love and how badly we miss them today:

1. The everyday fights over TV remote and the superior feeling you get after winning it.


2. The brave brother protecting his sister, no matter how bulky or bigger the bully is.


3. The sensitive sister saving her bro from parent’s scoldings and taking all the blame on her.


4. Helping each other to quickly finish the homework and get extra time to go out & play!


5. Keeping each other motivated to study late at night and pass the exams.


6. Enjoying midnight snacks and forcing each other to cook noodles.


7. Doing role reversal, exchanging clothes and performing on your favourite dance numbers!7


8. Being aware of each other’s secrets and blackmailing for extra pocket money.


9. The pillow fights that lasted even the whole night.


10. Making tents with bedsheets and living in them as husband & wife.


11. Trying all the wrestling stunts on each other.


12. Being nice to your sibling that you share everything with them or being so mean that you don’t even believe in sharing!


That’s the spice of having a partner-in-crime for all your life.

This Rakhi #Deliverthelove and say cheers to this bond!
Image Source: Giphy & Tumblr