12 Times In Life When Food Actually Saved ME!

12 Times In Life When Food Actually Saved ME!

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No matter what mood, what saves you is food. Good mood or bad mood, don’t be upset dude! You have Nutella by your side, it will never say a no to you for anything or to be with you. When you detach with outer world and when you connect with food, life seems to be simple, sorted and sweet! Like this:


1. Whenever I had to treat my friends on my birthday or theirs’ or for losing bets.



2. When felt sad after a break up or getting fired, only food came for my rescue!



3. When my boy friend cancelled our plan and left me alone over a weekend. EVERY TIME.



4. When after a tiff with my parents, cooking helps me to relax.



5. While I wanted to celebrate all winnings of life like, ‘OMG! Weekend is here.’



6. When I wanted a short break from work, ice-cream was the only answer.



7. When I was just getting BORED.



8. Whenever out for a date, the place and the food decides your fate!



9. Because I love over-eating and it helps to be ‘shushh..’ for longer time in front of strangers.



10. When it’s 12 in the night and I have only food to accompany me.



11. Because investing in food is the actual savings of happiness.



12. Because food is my life! And I live to eat!

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