12 Types Of Snapchats You Need To Stop Sending Right Now!

12 Types Of Snapchats You Need To Stop Sending Right Now!

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1. The ‘on my way to work/at work’ snapchat!


We know you work, what are you trying to prove by sending a snapchat every damn morning!

2. The ‘traffucked every morning’ snapchat.


Yes, we live in india. Yes, the roads are f*cked up. We do not need your annoying snapchat to remind us every day!

3. The ‘check out my new shades’ snapchat


Or new shoes, bag, whatever! Isn’t it better if I saw it when I met you in person instead of on snapchat? That way, I might actually compliment you instead of simply getting annoyed by you!

4. The ‘it’s so hot outside, I’m dying of heat’ snapchat.


Or look it’s raining! Unless this is a scene from Lagaan and it is raining after 5 years, I don’t need you to tell me! We all have eyes, we all saw it happen so every single person on snapchat having the same update is really not helping.

5. The ‘Saturday night – loud music in a club’ snapchat.


With something like ‘Crazy Night’ as a standard caption. If I could actually see anything in your snapchat story I might have agreed with you but just loud music in the background proves nothing, for all I know you could be sitting at home and putting your phone against the speaker!

6. The ‘Sunday – I’m so fucking hungover’ snapchat.


Well, well, looks like the crazy night did leave its trail of deadly hangovers. Serves you right for annoying me with a million snapchats of your night!

7. The ‘Any damn time you go to the airport’ snapchat.


Even if it just to drop someone else!

8. The ‘I can’t believe it is Monday again’ snapchat.


It comes every week, believe it already or I might have to kill you!

9. The ‘I go to the gym’ snapchat.


If I didn’t have to see a sweaty picture of you everyday, I would be so happy! Besides you make me rethink my life choices and I love being unhealthy so get lost!

10. The ‘Maggi is back – I’m eating Maggi!’ snapchat.


It’s been back for two months guys! Please stop it!

11. The ‘anywhere with a full length mirror specially the bathroom selfie’ snapchat!


I know people like you, you’ll hold up the queue at every rest room and just annoy the f*ck out of everyone else there! Just die already!

12. The ‘I just got Starbucks with my name on it’ snapchat.


We all know you’re pretty stupid to spend 300 bucks on coffee, you don’t need to prove it!