13 Awesome Co-incidents That Are Too Good to Be True

13 Awesome Co-incidents That Are Too Good to Be True

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There are times when the incidents are so dramatic that we never believe they’re true. But here’s a list of 13 such incidents that you wont ever believe happened in real life, but guess what? They did. Check out the awesome co-incidents list.

1. A guy broke up with his girlfriend and she killed herself. Her brother shot Henry as a revenge. Out of guilt he killed himself. However the boyfriend survived as the bullet grazed him and lodged in a nearby tree. Years later Henry tried to cut the tree down. It wasn’t working so he decided to use dynamite. Guess who the bullet ended up killing?
2. In 2002, a man was hit by a truck trying to cross highway on his bike. 2 hours later his twin brother was also hit by a truck while trying to cross the same highway on his bike. They died within 1.5 km of each other, 2 hours apart.
3. Two twins who lived about 120 km from each other in England. On May 22, 1975 both began to experience chest pain and were admitted to separate hospitals. Unaware of each other’s conditions, they both died not long after.
4. King Umberto I of Italy went to restaurant where he got to know he and the owner of the restaurant were born on the same day, in the same town and both married a woman name Margherita. On July 29 ,1900 the king was told that the owner had been shot dead. Later the same day the he was assassinated.
5. During the production of Deus Ex, the video game the artists did not make the Twin Towers in the New York City. His mistake was explained by way of a terrorist attack. The year was 2000.
6. Rome’s founder was supposedly named Romulus. Its first emperor was named Augustus. Its last emperor was named Romulus Augustus.
7. The graves of the first British soldier and the last British soldier to die in World War II are only several meters apart. Unintentionally!
8. At 49, a South African astronomer was giving a lecture about how death could come at any time. After he finished, he pulled out a mint and popped it into his mouth. Within a few minutes he choked to death.
9. Napoleon and Hitler were born 129 years apart, came to power 129 years apart, declared war on Russia 129 years apart, and were defeated 129 years apart. Brutalized together, died together!
10. In 1895 there were only 2 cars in the entire state of Ohio & then they slammed into each other.
11. Mark was born in 1835 during an appearance of Halley’s Comet. In 1909 he said he expected to go out with Halley’s Comet when it came the following year which came true as he died when it appeared.
12. Two twins were born and separated at birth. They knew nothing of each other but both were subsequently named James. They both became police officers and both married women named Linda. They both had a son. They both named their son James Allan and both divorced and remarried women name Betty.
13. A man was killed by a taxi while riding a scooter. One year later the man’s brother was killed on the same scooter by the same taxi driver who was carrying the same passenger!



If these co-incidences do not set you on chills then nothing else can!

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