13 Signs He Is Totally Into You, Just You

13 Signs He Is Totally Into You, Just You

It’s in human nature to be sure about his/her life. And when you want to be sure, insecurities hover your mind automatically. When you like something or someone too much, you tend to become more possessive about it. And it’s completely natural and normal!

‘LOVE’ being considered as the most worried thing about, we decided to clear certain apprehensions for the girls first! So, here are few signs which every guy drops when he is completely and totally into a girl:


1. Whatsapp is the new place where he is most “seen.” Plus, absolutely compatible with your last seen.



2. And eventually  you are more in his Whatsapp d.p’s.



3. He fumbles when asked, “Who is she?” Friend? Best friend? Girlfrie…



4. When you are around, he is comfortable with his “other side” as well. *emotions*



5. His weekend plans with you are more about deep conversations and exploring new places and not about just ‘drinks.’



6. Odd hours of the night become the most awaited hours of the day.



7. He sheds his shy side and compliments start pouring in for you.



8. The distance always get you more closer. When you aren’t around, he misses you and you miss him too.



9. He does the most unexpected things for you, which you secretly expect him to do. “How do you know that I was looking for this novel?”



10. He tries to be friends with your friends and their friends and their friends and so on…



11. He starts making excuses and looking for chances to spend some more time with you! “How about a five minute walk?”



12. He make sure that you are comfortable wherever you are and tries to be there all the time.



13. And when with all his wits and guts he confesses, “I like you.” Welcome the butterflies!



So, are you the lucky one for him?