14 Things To Know Before You Date A Lioness- The Leo Girl

14 Things To Know Before You Date A Lioness- The Leo Girl

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Spoil her and she will be all yours, offend her and you will get the lioness roar! Leo women are most difficult to impress but once you have her, you forget the rest. Known for her outgoing, independent, and lively nature, Leo females happen to be the center of attention everywhere they go.

So, before you take that step forward, give the following lines a quick read!


1. She is a born leader and can tame all the problems in your life.


2. Her ambitious personality drives you crazy & keep the relation a fun roller coaster through out.


3. But beware! Because she knows what she wants and will get it anyhow.


4. And it’s worth it when she is the ideal one, who believes in a ‘no-lie-no-fight’ relation.


5. She is one passionate and sensual lover that you have always dreamt about.


6. Interestingly, every Leo woman has a superb taste, which is unfailing and almost instantly noticeable.


7. So, she is one extravagant woman but with highly excellent taste.


8.  She is the one with big, warm heart and respectable and lovable person.


9. She is one complete individual and wants to find the real man in you.




10. Warning: She has a tempestuous temper and can get rough when ignored or disgraced.


11. She is one popular chick around so get ready to get jealous or feel proud all the time!


12. Leo girls are good at pampering when you don’t try to control her or dominate her.


13. She has class, style and a great partner to be with at all times.


14. So, get ready for a generous cum drama cum attractive cum independent girl in your life! <3


 #Kudos to Leo!

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