14 Things You Should Know For Your College’s First Day

14 Things You Should Know For Your College’s First Day

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College life is the most awaited time of one’s life. The best time we all feel grown up and do wonders! But at the same time there’s a feeling of consciousness too! Of course, we are not the experts but yes a friend to you on this side. And that’s why we tried cracking the code for you. Here you go:


1. Don confidence to leave an impression and worry less about clothes.



2. Still to be on the safer side, go for your ‘lucky’ dress.



3. The more approachable you are, more friends you make.



4. But you might find some creeps as well! Don’t worry avoid them later.



5. The more aware you are about your course and field, lesser awkward situations you’ll face.



6. Please. Avoid hitting on girls/guys on the very first day. ‘Poori college life hai abhi!’



7. Try not to get over-board with the coolness quotient.



8. The more subtle you keep things, better vibes you give and get!



9. Be a sport when it comes to ragging!



10. After all bonding well with seniors is always an add on!



11. Say no to group-ism! It doesn’t stay after a week.



12. Don’t let your over excitement make you ‘best friends’ with someone in a day.



13. Enough of being teacher’s favorite in school! Now just aim to enjoy.



14.  After all, it is the most cherished time of your life and the one you miss the most.



Have an awesome College’s First Day guys!


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