14 Unsaid Logics Of Girls Which Everyone Should Know

14 Unsaid Logics Of Girls Which Everyone Should Know

What women want? This alliteration is intriguing each one of us since ages & none of us have an exact answer to it! (Neither hoping to have one, anytime soon) Since, the ancient days of Jodha-Akbar, none of the males were ever able to understand their better halves & what they want. Females have their own logics to everything, doesn’t matter what the actual conversation is!

So, here we put some light to girls’ logics which we keep cooking in our minds, doesn’t matter if we tell you or not.



1. “Hey baby, I am on my way.. Will meet you in 5 minutes, I am just stuck in the jam.”

 Female logic: Okay! So, the plan is cancelled or may be delayed by hours.


2. “Madam, peeche mandi se yahi rate hai sabzi ka.”

 Female logic:   So, even if I pay him more still I will be able to manage a good chunk of free dhaniya/mirchi.



3. “Omg! You look so pretty. From where you got these shoes?”

Female logic: If I tell her the exact place, she will get one for herself also. Let me say it’s a gift by my aunt staying in Europe!



4. “If you stop coming late, I will increase your pocket money!”

Female logic: Okay, so for a month I won’t come late & with the money I save I will start going to big parties!


5. “Would you like to have some fries?”

 Female logic: I am on diet dude but if someone else orders, I can guzzle them in seconds!


6. “It’s my treat today. You can pay next time.”

Female logic: So, we are not meeting again.


7. We don’t want anything else but just two things: to eat & lose weight.

Is it too much to ask?



8. “You are going shopping? Again?”

Female logic:  Bro, I am helping the economy of my country.


9. “Can I have your number?”

Female logic: How desperate he is! Trying to stalk innocent girls like me.

‘If he doesn’t call for 3 days.’ Omg! Attitude!

After 5 days.. I want to talk to himmmm….


10. “Are you okay? I know you are strong enough to take care of yourself.”

Female logic: Yes, because you are an asshole to think that you are the reason behind it!


11. “Its’ Friday night. So, it’s a boys night out!”

Female logic: Even I don’t need you. Go & be with them only. I also have friends who are far more sensitive than you & don’t leave me alone!


12. “Can I drop you home?”

Female logic: Coffee pina chahta hai matlab.



13. If anyone says ‘Yes’ to them at once!

Female logic: He/ she must have some vested interest in this thing!


14. And in case of a no.

Female logic: How can you say no to me? To the most perfect person in the world! You don’t know what you have done & now you are screwed for your life.


But you know what’s the best part? We still remain the BEST!




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