15 Refreshing Summer Drinks that are a must have To Chill This...

15 Refreshing Summer Drinks that are a must have To Chill This Season!

Now that Summer is at it’s peak and chubhti garmi ka mausam aaya , all we need are some awesome chillers to keep us cool all the while. We all need some awesome chill-pill to get us through the day, the cool way! So check out these awesome to-do list of refreshing drinks that will make your summers so much more happening..

1. Mango Twist: Summers bring in the best surprise for all of us in shape of mangoes! Mango twist is a simple recipe of mangoes blend in with lime juice, mint leaves, sweet syrup with titch of ginger served ice-cold in a margarita glass.



2. Guava Thandai: Think of Delhi-summers and the thandai that comes complimentary with it. Guava thandai is probably the most interesting blend of chilling drink as it is milk with thandai powder and pack of guava juice.


3. Mint Lassi: Curd, mint, roasted cumin and sugar with lots of ice gives this extremely delectable Indian chiller which is set to make your summers so happening! So no need to visit far-flung dhabas to have this awesome drink. Go DIY way and make this for yourself.


4. Fresh Lime Soda: Slurrrping over this easiest recipe of fresh lime soda with sugar, lemon juice, soda and ice is the best to do this season. If you’re a fancy looking drinks fan, add mint on the top and just go easy breezy!


5. Strawberry Banana Smoothie: Milk blended with banana, honey and strawberry garnished with mint leaves and ice is the most perfect new chiller that you must try this summer.


6.Iced Tea: Now that Nestle Maggi is ban, we need to help the company by purchasing Iced Tea and just hope that does not have any chemicals in it!


7. Cucumber with Kiwi Juice: Two of the coolest fruits on the planet give us the yummiest chiller for the summers! Kiwi anyways being this exotic fruit when blend with cucumber and some sugar syrup is set to give you an enthralling time making your sunny days better.


8. Mocha Cooler: Ice cream scoops, milk and cream with ice when added with drinking chocolate and hot black coffee gives you this extremely distinguished and edgy cooler for summers which will make you drool over!


9. Chuski: The ice snow flakes that are all Dilliwalas favorite is one thing that is going to make your life amazing! And if you stay in Delhi, you know summers are here when you see chuski vendors on its cart getting ice-y chuski for you. Yummmm!

910. Mango Peach Sundae: Go to any good cafe and you will find this blissful combo of Mango Peach Sundae and trust us, it will make you weak in the knees with its fabulous taste and goodness of fruits that is served with it.



11. Watermelon Juice: Mango and watermelon are 2 most loved fruits of summers and watermelon juice with titch of chat masala is the best combo when you come back from a sweaty outing home. It gives you an essence of relaxation and has super natural powers of making your mood perfect!
orange juice


12. Sugar Cane Juice: All those not-so-sweet people please take a back seat as this is only for those people who literally live on sweet things!


13. Orange Bar: Come what may, the Rs. 5 orange bar was and will always be a treat for Dilliwale because of its easy availability and incredible power to lure us to eat it. The way this amazing chiller sets us on chill, no other alternative can and will do.


14. Coca-Cola: No pesticides, no chemicals, no claims can stop the undying love that we Indians have for Coca-Cola. The way it has been in our hearts since time immortal (not literally) is just because of its utterly amazing taste and the extremely cooling impact that it leaves on us in the summers.


15. Cafe Frappe: One thing that makes us go gaga over it is the Cafe Frappe. A staple chiller in the world, we all have been simply loving cold coffee! *Serve me another glass please*


So let the hot sunny streaks not bother you because you’re always chilling with all these amazing chillers that we just enlisted for you! Happy Summers! *Cheeeeeers…!*Slurrrrrp*

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