15 Tell-Tale Giveaways Of Over Ambitious Girls!

15 Tell-Tale Giveaways Of Over Ambitious Girls!

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Ambitions Keep A Girl's Chin High And Make Her Stand Unique In A Crowd!

Are you one such girl who doesn’t need her husband’s surname to complete her identity? Do you believe in letting the figures of your salary do the talking? You know no boundaries and nothing can pull you down when you plan a take-off. Your dreams are your most priceless assets and nothing can stop you from chasing them.

Over-ambitious girls have a bindass attitude that can woo any man. At the same time, they cannot be forced to remain confined within any kind of limits too.

Here we are presenting before you, 15 such traits that only over-ambitious girls can relate to :-

1) Love is just a part of your life….. an important part but not the whole life itself!

It doesn’t mean that you can’t be a fine homemaker but you do have other priorities. With millions of deadlines to meet, several life-changing deals to crack and loads of other works in the pipeline, you don’t like it when you’re expected to ditch your professional commitments and go on a romantic date instead. ‘Work Is Worship’…. who can mean it better than you!


2) Compliments given for your talent mean much more than those given for your looks!

Because beauty enlightens eyes but wisdom enlightens soul. Rather than spending hours before the mirror, you’d prefer spending some quality time with your office documents. And when it comes to having Beauty with Brain, now that’s what makes a kick-ass lethal combination!


3) You believe in letting only your pillow know about your tears!

Because public display of emotions is not your thing for sure. You’re of one of those who cry themselves to sleep at night but wake up with a smile for the world to see in the morning. Only some exclusively dearest people get the opportunity to witness your vulnerable and emotional side as you know that your feelings could sometimes turn out to be your weakness too.


4) You have your platinum card in your purse…… you don’t need your man’s wallet!

You have the caliber to shut those mouth who say that girls treat their partners as their personal ATM machine. Why would you depend on your man to pay your bills when a dream job, a high figure salary and a fabulous promotion have your back??!


5) You’re far away from the drama related to choice between love and career!

Because you’ve already made up your mind and you’re pretty sure about it. You wouldn’t even bother to ask your partner to choose between his profession and you. You respect his priorities and expect him to value your aims too.


6) You just hate being a clingy girlfriend and try to save yourself from a chipku boyfriend!

“How the hell people handle a partner who expects them to say ‘I Love You’ ten times a day!”, is that what you often wonder?? And it’s justified too when here you’re busy completing an important assignment and there your boyfriend keeps pinging you with his unnecessary texts.


7) You naturally feel a thing for someone having similar goals and inspirations as you!

Cos’ there’s nothing sexier than a responsible man with some serious milestones set to cross!


8) You can’t help but compare yourself to others!

“Why did she got promoted while I’m still struggling to impress my bone-head boss!”
Healthy competitions help us growing but too much of anything is a risky sign. It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin and remind yourself that you surely are in a happy space.


9) You sometimes turn family dinners down for late-night office meetings!

Ambition gives us wings. But it’s important never to fly so high that you forget the way to your own home.


10) You can do anything a man can…… that too in your high heels!

Those sexist jokes and Male Chauvinistic Pig sayings raise your eyebrows and the only thing that roams around your mind in those situations is, “Bring it on man! I’ll show you who the Queen is!”.


11) A dominating partner absolutely doesn’t fall into your wish list!

“You can win over me with love, but can never control me with your silly orders!” You can’t let anyone take your independence and individuality away from you, be it your partner himself.


12) You’re sensible enough to take important steps of your life all by yourself!

“I can put the best ideas forward regarding how a product should be launched in the market and you say that I can’t take my life’s decisions on my own….. come on!”


13) Your confident attitude might be mistaken as bossy and arrogant at times!

And this would frustrate you beyond imaginations. You obviously can’t apologize for being smart and successful but could make your tone a bit more humble and polite.


14) You hate to lead a monotonous life and are always up for challenges!

What’s better than a rollercoaster worthy life with surprises in store every next minute!


15) Being ambitious is not synonymous to being high-maintenance…. and you know that!

Who says you need to be dressed-up all the time??? In fact you love being in your worn-out denims and loose tees with messy hair and sneakers….. cos’ when there’s so much work in our to-do list, who’s got time for make-up! Formals suit you the best… true, but letting yourself be at times is totally relaxing as well.


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