15 Simple Things That Makes A Teenager Happy

15 Simple Things That Makes A Teenager Happy

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Who says being a teenager is easy? We have so many problems and nobody seems to understand us. We have hormones running crazy; we have to deal with people who treat us like kids but expect us to behave like adults; and manage school, homework, this class and that and just so much more! Ugggh! Even thinking about them makes me angry.
So, to cheer all you lovely folks up, here is an article to remind you that even though we have problems being a teenager is a bliss. Few things that makes a teenager happy are:


1. On a dark, rainy night watching a horror movie with your friend while tucked in tightly under the blanket.


2. Going for a day out with friends, spending some time shopping and gossiping or just chilling out talking about sports and life.



3. That feeling of independence, when you get your first pay in a summer job. No matter how small the amount was, it brought a smile to your face.



4. We all can relate to this one: Our first gf/ bf. Holding hands, spending some quality time together, late night chats, are only a few of the memories of your “pumpkin” and “baby”. And who can ever forget their first kiss?!



5. Maniacally dancing to your favorite songs because you are THAT high on life.



6. Letting your thoughts out either through a blog post, a note or a diary entry. Whether a sad memory or a happy one, when you go back a few entries to read it, it sure does make you happy.



7. Getting an unexpected text message from your long lost friend.

busy on phone


8. Going to your very first Live Concert or Live Cricket match.



9. Attending your first driving lesson and/or going for a drive without your parents’ supervision.



10. Spending a day at home, and browsing the net without being reminded about homework.



11. Listening to the old songs of 2000 (or earlier) andĀ reminiscing of the good old times when the songs actually made some sense.

Scratching sound


12. Trying different types of junk food with friends



13. Sneaking out and bunking lectures



14. Having a movie marathon night.



15. Trying out something for the first time- most probably something which we aren’t supposed to do. Oh, the thrill of that!


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