15 Things you Hated in Your Childhood and Miss Them Now

15 Things you Hated in Your Childhood and Miss Them Now

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As kids we are the most vulnerable and stupid, little people who are never taken seriously. So, then we wait and wait to grow up. But as soon as we grow up, we all realize the fact that this was a trap and we wish to become kids back. So, it is like though childhood is like being drunk where everybody remembers what you did except you, we all miss it.

 1. Singing  A B C E F G H I J K El Em En O Pee….


2. Using the Desktop for only Paint.


3. Drawing Sun’s rays as long curly sticks and nothing else.


4. Having to write with pencils and having erasers as the safety support system.


5. Fighting over whose batting comes first or whose den it is now.
6. Playing Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi as the indoor game.
7. The fact that when we used to sleep on couch and automatically wake up in our room.


8. Running up the slide being the biggest problem of our life.


9. When our most expensive possession was our new brand color pencils.
10. Walking in a straight line to the prayer ground every morning. Now we can not even walk straight to our room without tripping.


11. Cycling on the road without worrying about traffic jams.


12. The biggest punishment if found talking in the class was to sit with a BOY.


13. Outing used to only and only mean going to Jhulle Waala Park.
14. Summer vacations being dedicated to Nani House visits.
15. Eating possibly everything that came up and not putting on any weight.

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