15 Thoughts that Cross your mind during your School Farewell Party

15 Thoughts that Cross your mind during your School Farewell Party

School is annoying, hard and irritating but every body has to admit that you will miss it way too much when it ends. And the farewell is one place where there is a sure-shot chance of you thinking about the awesome time that you’ve spent in school. Here are 15 thoughts that are most likely to cross your mind on Farewell Party:


1. Now no hidden bunks. Bunking turns officially allowed from strict no as I step out of school, which is indeed boring!

2. Super early mornings are a thing of past. Mummy can’t tell me when to wake up because now I am a college lad.



3. What if my best friend and I get different colleges?



4. Now there will be no hidden romantic spots to go to like we always did in school.



5. No morning prayers? How will God bless me now when I don’t pray?



6. School Canteen’s awesome Rajma Rice, I am gonna miss you.



7. Teacher-friends will be a thing of past. College professors are too strict to be our friends.



8. These are my last uniform days. I will now have to shop more! No more pigtails and short nails. I am free to do everything.



9. The school bus won’t be coming to pick me now on wards. I will have to manage everything!



10. No Unit Tests, Mid-terms and Final Exams. Now I will just have to give one exam!



11. Lunch break can be any time of the day now, I don’t have to wait for 11 am recess.



12. I will have to do all the mehnat of making new friends.



13. Will my old friends still be my friends?



14. I am probably seeing my school ground for the last time today.



15. I am not gonna cry. It is too girlie. I am just not gonna cry! *sob*sob*sob*


So no matter how much we say before that we hate school, we have spent 12 glorious years living there and it is now become our second home. Hit LIKE if you thought about all these things on your FAREWELL. Happy School Days!