16 Awkward Moments We All Have Come Across

16 Awkward Moments We All Have Come Across

Life doesn’t come as a smooth ride. Where it is witty and weird, it can be sarcastic too! And in this ride we all come across many *awkward* situations. So, tick mark your awkward check list with these, which you might have faced or made fun of:

  1. When you are going for a Namaste & aunty goes for a big jhappi & pappi!


  2. When you are left alone with the same aunty for a lie-detector test.


  3. When you keep pulling that every showroom door that says, ‘Push.’


  4. When for a change you are replying to your mom but she isn’t talking to you.


  5. When you are stopped at the door for your own ‘suhaagraat’ with comments like “Jijaji jijaji paise do na! Badi jaldi hai andar jaane ki. ”


  6. When you go in a restaurant & fumble from “I would like to order one dal” to “Bhaiya ek dal makhni kardo!”


  7. When you catch the guy staring at you from past 30 minutes! And you catch him again after 5 seconds.


  8. When you pretend a laugh at your boyfriend’s joke which is not even 0.001% funny.


  9. When you offer lunch to your colleagues just to be nice & they take the whole ‘dabba’ along with them.


  10. When by mistake you like your ex’s picture while stalking his/her FB profile!


  11. When you ask a person at a store for your size & realize they don’t even work there! LOL.


  12. When you pretend to be texting to avoid a conversation!


  13. When you are watching TV with your family & suddenly comes an ‘intimate moment.’


  14. When you pose a smile for the longest time & later you realize you were not even captured!

  15. When someone gives you a compliment & you can’t think of one in return.


  16. When you keep yapping over the phone while the call was dropped way back at Rajiv Chowk metro station!


And reading some articles like these, just to avoid the person sitting right next to you.