16 Most Common Replies By Software Developers If A Bug Is Reported....

16 Most Common Replies By Software Developers If A Bug Is Reported. Hilarious and Crazy!

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Software developers are intelligent people who came from another planet just to help people on this Earth to survive! 😀 They do everything perfect and code brilliantly. But when it comes to bugs, a lot of developers make excuses. Here are some common replies that developers give to anyone who thinks that they (the engineers and not the software ) are responsible for these bugs!


1. Kya???? Code Fatt Gaya? I can’t believe this.

1(Inner voice: haan yeh to hona hi tha, aur do 1 din ki deadline)


2. You are using an outdated browser. We only build systems for latest browsers



3. Either replicate it on staging or I wont consider it a Bug.



4. Oh you think its a bug? Its a feature dude.



5. Bhai yeh to KNOWN BUG hai.



6. That is not my code. I think its done by Rajan

eng6(Rajan: Any random developer who left the organization)


7. I have fixed the bug assigned to me, baki ki responsibility meri nahi hai.



8. My functionality was not committed on staging branch. Kisi aur ne faada hai.



9. This has lot of impact, need to study code and correct each and every shitty line in that file.

9(as if people done work earlier were not coders, they were poopers. )


10. Really? But it was working fine on UAT.



11. I have optimized the code and it will run 60% faster.

11(Only God knows from where this measurement comes.)


12. Server Configuration Issue hoga. Code was impeccable.



13. This was not mentioned in requirement specification



14. Is that Feature actually useful? Why don’t we just drop it from current release.



15. It works fine on my machine!



16. For any other complaint developer’s are programmer to run this program in their BIOS:
while( true )
echo “It works fine on my machine!”;