16 Signs That Prove You Are A Travel Freak

16 Signs That Prove You Are A Travel Freak

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Roads, airports, cars, buses are your second home. You spend your time dreaming about your next escape or planning impulsive weekends somewhere new traveling by road. Yes! You are one of those who cannot stay at home for long no matter what!
Check out the 16 signs that you totally droll over traveling around:

1. You spend hours hopping through travel blogs for tips and inspiration
2. You get an adrenaline rush when someone mentions about their adventures and travel stories!
3. You immediately plan your trip and the moment you’re back you’re getting an itchy feet for your next adventure.
4. Being a pro at it, you always get your travel insurance done first… no matter what!
4. You have currency from every country you’ve travelled to. Yeah!
5. You can sleep anywhere; airport, car deck, baggage reclaim belt…etc etc. 😛
6. Your bucket list simply reads ‘The World’.
7. Your car is always up-to-date with all the car essentials like stepney wheel, pollution check, car insurance and what not.
8. You can even consider getting a navigator/map/anchor tattoo! Isn’t it too much?
9. You cannot stay at one place for long period. Not even your home.
10. You have a banjara kind of zindagi. No fuss, no complaints!
11. You have friends from all over the World and you all plan over facebook about your next trips.
12. Your Ipad/Iphone home screen is of some exotic place you dream of going.
13. Travelling solo? Not a big deal! You don’t have to wait around for other people. So liberating… :)
14. If you are lost while on a trip, no panic! It’s an adventure added yyuhhoooo! P.s. You know you have your travel insurance ready too 😀
15. You always have a bag-pack with all the essentials , 2 pair of clothes, trekking shoes and a World Map ready to just pick up and go.
16. Your passport, and your travel diary is one of your most treasured possessions..for life!


I am sure you can relate to all these… So, where are you going next??


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