18 Things We Wish Our 18 Year Old Self Knew

18 Things We Wish Our 18 Year Old Self Knew

How when school ends and we grow up into ADULTS, we step into our most crucial teen year – EIGHTEEN. The exact time when the most life decisions are on our head and we have no clue on what way to switch! Here is a list of 18 things we’re sure you will need to know when your 18:


1. Mistakes are not PROBLEMS

Often the 2 are confused and there’s no harm in making mistakes at 18. Take a chill-pill dude!



No, this is not the girlfriend love we’re referring to here. It could be love for food to love for music to love for books! In your 18, finding the love of your life is very important!


3. Dum-laga-ke-haisha

Because this is exactly when you have a lot of power, zeal and excitement you should put in all your hard work and effort in achieving what you really really want.


4. Innovate-Transform-Learn-Y=Unlearn

This is precisely the time when you can explore the world of options. Make choices, innovate and learn things just because you can.


5. Thinking Out Loud

No not the Ed Sheeran way but just think and let people know where your mind is taking you. You might be going in the righteous direction, just need a push!


6. Home Coming to Change

It might seem like a lot is different and changing but learn to accept the changes that are ushering in your life as these are exactly what will take you to places.


7. Selfie-Bug

Trust me when I say that taking selfies in your 18s is the best thing ever. Because that’s when you’re creating memories. So make the most of it.


8. K-N-O-W-ledge

Don’t be Mr. Know-it-all, instead start grabbing knowledge wherever it is coming from. Starting from Game of Thrones to Narender Modi’s LinkedIn account, all are a land of knowledge for you, hence, gain whatever comes your way!


9. Don’t You Worry, Don’t You Worry Child

18 is just the beginning of true life. There is a lot more opportunities in store and a lot more bigger problems to face, so just dont worry!


10. Satyamev Jayate

Learn to be true and not to be just true for saying sake, be truthful to yourself at least always! It is important for you to know what’s right & what’s wrong for you.


11. Chatter-Box

Talk-talk & talk. Talk to teachers, talk to new college friends, talk to parents. Just keep on talking. Know how things work for other people, their perspective and you’ll have so much to understand for yourself!


12. K-B-C

Play question-answer session with yourself! Every day sit alone for 10 minutes and ask yourself questions and try and seek answers for each question. This exercise will make you grow.
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13. Self-Marketing, the new Direct-Marketing

Going out and blowing your trumpets to the world is a different story but if you’re capable of doing something extra-ordinary it’s your talent. So don’t let that be hidden and shout out to all about it. You don’t know from where an opportunity might pop out.


14. ROFL

Laugh out loud and literally fall on floor as you laugh. This is the exact time when you can be happy and by happy we mean from the bottom of your heart. So cherish each and every bit of it.


15. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Find yourself very own Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey and Ross and enjoy with them. Enjoy until your stomach hurts of happiness and joy!


16. Shopping

The cardio: It’s okay to someday ditch the world and friends and plans and just SHOP! There is so much malls have to offer and then what are all these online markets going to do without you? Economic growth you see! So while you’re 18 and can look extremely hot, so go SPLURGE.


17. Glamour is skin deep

Philosophy says good skin begins with exceptional skin care, so just take into account that and drink lots of water.


18. Being Human

At the end of the day, every thing is one side and you being a good human is at another. Be a nice person at heart and the world will follow. (Not Salman Khan being human #justsaying)