20 Quintessential Reasons That Prove You’ve Reached The ‘I’m Too Old For...

20 Quintessential Reasons That Prove You’ve Reached The ‘I’m Too Old For This Shit’ In Your 20’s!

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1. A night of binge drinking brings a hangover worse than any other as compared to when you were only a teenager!


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2. Being ID’d is no longer fun, now it’s just bloody annoying!


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3. Eating like a pig because who needs to worry about growing fat! Well, you do!

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4. Trying to listen to a certain type of music just because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do!


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5. Drinking shots!


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6. Being friends with people who really irk the living hell out of you.

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7. Not learning how to cook and eating Maggi all the time.


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8. Believing in the idea of your true soul mate or prince charming! Seriously, grow up!


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9. Not saving money for a rainy day. You’re an adult now, behave like one!


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10. Wearing clothes that are two sized too small or two sizes too big! Why can’t you wear clothes that are actually your size!


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11. Going without a shower for more than two days.


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12. Throwing tantrums because things didn’t go your way.


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13. Taking money from your parents because you don’t know how to make ends meet.


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14. Drinking and driving – and this one goes for you not matter how old you are!


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15. Not accepting your mistakes and taking the fall for when you do something wrong.

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16. Not getting in any exercise at all!


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17. Not being able accept any sort of criticism, constructive or otherwise.


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18. Acting like the world owes you something.


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19. Obsessing over some guy or girl and letting your relationship define your happiness.


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20. Waiting for things to happen instead of actually getting up and doing them.


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