20 Reasons Why School Days Were The Best Days Of My Life

20 Reasons Why School Days Were The Best Days Of My Life

School may be over for a lot of us. Even though we cannot go back in time or get those days back, we sure can do one thing, and that is write an article on it! So, as a tribute to all the memories of childhood, bonds of friendship and the lessons learned through experience, we present to you “20 Things that prove school days were the best days of our lives”


1. Not taking the umbrella to school, in hopes of getting soaked in the rain.

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2. Even murgi banna was fun for the besharams, because that meant no class and endless chats with our partners in crime.



3. Finishing lunch before the break because “khelne nahi jana kya?” 

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4. Bunking classes. Do I need to say more?

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5. Some of us, the ‘goody’ students, had their own ways of bunking. Like participating in cultural activities to get the ‘official bunk’, but we all know what we did there.

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6. Remember when our teachers made us sit in boy-girl-boy-girl arrangement? We all pretended to hate it, but secretly our hearts shouted, “Balle, Balle!

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7. Remember how our school turned into an ‘ashram’ during the yearly inspection? Teachers became Gurus and we pretended to be their disciples.

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8. Name, place, animal, thing.

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9. For many of us scholars, 33 was our favorite number… the passing mark. 😉

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10. Whenever your crush entered the room or passed by, your friends would go, “Bhabhi aa gayi!!

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11. Teacher’s day had us all excited. Getting the chance to act like teachers and boss around the little ones were some things everyone eagerly waited for.

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12. Playing pranks on friends.

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13. Every school has an ‘adda’ point. We bet yours did too, and that is where you stood most often enjoying gossips with extra mirch-masala.

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14. The mini celebration during teacher’s absence…

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15. We learnt the lesson, ‘Unity is strength’ from school, when we had to copy each other’s homework.



16. The terror of surprise tests.



17. That life-threatening situation when you had to get your report card signed by parents.

pt 17“Bakwaas bandh kar le tu, ab tujhe bohot maar padhne waali hai.”


18. The super-fun excursion trips with classmates.

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19. How can we forget the memorable day of farewell? Bidding goodbye to teachers, friends and school.

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20. No matter how much you cribbed back then, we bet that you’d give anything to get those days back.

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