25 Promises To Make And Keep To Your Best Friend

25 Promises To Make And Keep To Your Best Friend

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Our best friends are our soul mates. They love us in spite of knowing all our flaws. They are the first ones we turn to when we want to do crazy unspeakable things and they are also the first ones to have our back when things go terribly wrong. They comfort us and know us better than we know ourselves.

1. I promise to not judge you no matter what comes our way or what terrible deeds you might do.

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2. I promise to stand by your side in the worst of times and always guide you back.

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3. I promise to make sure I tell you when you’re wrong because who else will do that?

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4. I promise to argue with you and drive you out of your comfort zone when needed.

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5. I promise to never pay heed to all your sarcastic comments and never take them to my heart.

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