25 Unbeatable Life Hacks Your Mother Taught You

25 Unbeatable Life Hacks Your Mother Taught You

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It’s time to let your mother know that how much you appreciate her. This Mothers day, tell her that she is the most precious gift God has given you! She taught you everything right from the time you were born. She was there with you in all your struggle years… and ahead. Here are 25 important things your mother taught you:

1) Cooking, even if your idea of cooking is making Maggi or a butter toast.



2) Mondays are fine. Maybe it’s your routine that sucks.



3) That good manners are everything.



4) That your self-worth says a lot about you as a person, as does your self-confidence.



5) That family is one of the most important things in life.



6) Be able to take blame when you do something wrong.



7) That things don’t just get handed to you, you must work for them. (Unless she handed them to you, in which case, forget it.)



8) To stand up for yourself and to not take shit from anybody.



9) How to love. Your mother, after all, was one of the first people to really, truly love you.



10) How to laugh. Like really, honestly laugh.



11) Not receiving any message is also a message.



12) That your father is first and foremost, the man who will love you the most.



13) To treat people with respect and to not make presumptions about people before getting to know them.



14) That everyone’s body is different so stop comparing yourself to others.



15) How to make a great cup of tea. And that a cup of said tea and a chat fixes everything

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16) That a good cry is sometimes just the thing you need. And that if he makes you cry, then he just isn’t worth it.



17) School won’t last forever and that this too shall pass.



18) Do not let anyone else dictate your happiness.



19) That relationships and marriage are hard work, but if they work out then it’s more than worth it.



20) Never chase a man/woman, make him work for you.



21) And for the men, your mother teaches you to respect and value women.



22) If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Listen to your gut instincts.



23) Ring your Grandparents regularly, they’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine.

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24) To travel the world, see places, meet people and do all of the things she never got to do.



25) And that, no matter what happens, your mother is the one person who will love you unconditionally, unconventionally, forever.