3 New Year Gifts That Will Not Cost You A Rupee

3 New Year Gifts That Will Not Cost You A Rupee

As the clocks go singing and the parties, dancing, give it up for 2016! May the year light your life in ways it did not last year. May somebody new enter your heart and happiness paves its way. Here are 5 New Year gifts that will not cost you a single penny, make sure you present them to your dear ones-


1 . Thank You Notes


There are so many beautiful gifts you have in your life, those great people who make you love where you are. And not just the ones who make your lives easier, but the ones who make sure you do not get away learning nothing. Thank them all by simply messaging how much value they hold in your life. And we are sure, that will make their day. 😀


2. An honest conversation


There might be people in your life who want nothing from you, but an honest talk. Try catching a conversation with those whom you did not talk throughout the year. Take a deep breath to think about who they are. You might not even realize the magnitude of happiness it brings to somebody.


3. Say sorry and accept somebody’s

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Yes, it’s of course not an easy job. To accept that you did something wrong, somewhere, to someone, knowingly or in absolute innocence, And forgiving someone for the bad they made you feel, are both very difficult but bet it- They are worth trying, it will make life so much easy !



These are not really the gifts people generally think of, but these cheap and feel-good gifts will make sure your 2016 will be peaceful and happy.  It is not with money that you buy people happiness, not everything can be materialized. Love, happiness, forgiveness, they all come from only Heart-Shops. Hope this makes it for you. 😀


Share this with your friends, well you might just receive one of the above gifts yourself. 😀

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