5 Kinds Of Teachers We All Have In Our School

5 Kinds Of Teachers We All Have In Our School

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Somebody says it so rightly “The time that we spend in highschool is indeed the most memorable of all.” Apart from the lovely times we have with our bubbly-dubbly friends, the next most important part is of course our dear ma’ams and sirs, people with whom we spend almost 6 hours for 12 years. And that’s a pretty long time to know them well. They might all be very different but most have in some qualities. We’ve just compiled them for you-

1. No doubt her-kinds are the teachers we love the most. A noisy, open and energetic class. Though people call it rowdy but you know learning should be fun  😛  .
2. That one teacher whom you loved the most. She understood you every single time, talked to you with an honest heart and listened to all your problems. Being a pet was of course great but even greater was the bond you shared.
3. When is homework fun at all? Isn’t it merely low-grade clerical work of copying answers from the book to notebook or may be in the first period from the class-einstein. Still the teachers never understood the very fact. :(
4.”Ma’am do you have the next period in our class as well?”, asked you and she gives you the best lecture on how she is so very concerned about completing the course in your class. 😛
5. If you didn’t remind your teacher that CBSE has banned physical punishment at least once in your school life, your teacher probably didn’t give you a deserving punishment. LOL.

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The beautiful classroom memories, don’t forget to share this with your last-bench friends.. 😉 Happy Growing