5 Superhumans Alive On Earth ! And Know How To Become One

5 Superhumans Alive On Earth ! And Know How To Become One

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What is a superhuman like? 3 meters tall, 300 kg , utlra-intelligent, giant or what? Nobody knows indeed, but we are sure of a few ones alive. LOL. The super-humans we’ve created to feed our unsustained curiosity.


1 . Sunny – The world wonders of his indomitable hand-pump power. And the haath ka wazan.  


2. Rajnikanth –  His health increases in proportion to the fortunate bullets getting to kiss his chest. 😛


3. Daya – No wonders who pays for all that stuff he breaks.


4. Basanti – And she probably never danced after this film. Or did nobody ask her too. Actually she never found her Gabbar again. Oh, who is Rohit Shetty, then?


5. Coming in WWE, Delhi soon. Bachkar rehna. 😛 God Bless.


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Are you a Superhuman too? Or do you think you can become one? If yes, kindly come back to reality mr. psychotic.

Anyways, on a serious note, there are no superhumans, there are only humans who turn into good humans with their big hearts and helps. Make your choice, be a SUPERHUMAN.