5 Traits Of Those With A ‘M’ On Their Palm

5 Traits Of Those With A ‘M’ On Their Palm

Ever closely observed the mysterious lines of your palm? Well, they might just narrate the whole of your personality. People with the alphabet ‘M’ on their palm actually have their heart, head and life lines in a wondrous alignment.

If you too have this rare arrangement on your palm, you might just be a special one in the class of few. Here are some traits of M-people.

1 .  Motivated and Disciplined only by themselves. YOU CAN’T FORCE  ON THEM ANYTHING.


They are not easily convinced or influenced by people to do things, the only motivation that works is the one coming from their own self.

2 . They own go on taking over big positions in legal or political field or the top management positions.


You will probably see them advocating in the court of law, yelling in rallies or in top executive office. These are the professions they are most likely to choose in their lives.


 3 . Extraordinary people with unusual intuition



Though very rational in their approach towards life, people with ‘M’ tend to possess very strong intuition. This also makes them very fine business partners.


4 . Excellent at identifying liars and those cheating on them



Looking at people they can well figure out who is not being honest to them, or those who are hiding something from them. Their own lie-detector is within them.


5. A great fortune in their life



They are likely to be very lucky when being considered for a test of probability. This edge over others helps them achieve 200% more than people around them.  Did you just say “Luck Bitches”? 😛


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