5 Things You Do That Are Not Going To Let Your Dreams...

5 Things You Do That Are Not Going To Let Your Dreams Come True

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There is a difference between dreams and projects that never happen. It’s difficult to distinguish between both but yes the mere thought that something can actually change things makes each one of us go absolutely crazy for no good reason. A wise man says “Don’t read success stories you will only get messages, read failure stories you will get ways to succeed.” So here is a small list of 5 things you should do to not follow your dreams. 


1. Believe in over-night success . 

Start thinking a miracle will change everything and you should not be working to do things, things will work to get done. Believe great things aren’t a result of life-long struggles but over-night happenings.



2. Believe your questions will be answered by somebody else.

Your friends, relatives and even those whom you do not even know will tell you different ways to success, each one of them will give out a different theory. To kill your dream you just have to loose the faith on yourself and believe they have the answers you are looking for.



3. Decide to settle when things are going great . 

Is your company doing really well? Are things going absolutely great? If yes, decide to settle down that very moment. Don’t risk your chances if things are going great, that’s the best way to not-follow your dreams.



4. Believe the fault is not yours. 

If you failed start blaming others for your failure . Say, the market wasn’t good, your investors were not faithful, your team wasn’t capable or may be god was too rude on you. Find as many faults in others as you can. By the end of the day, you will learn there must be some fault in you as well. If not, again it’s the fault of others.



5. Believe the only things that matter are the things themselves . 

A team of 12 people laboriously trekked Himalayas for a month , until they finally reached the top. One of them said “Yeah, victory tastes so good, I want to live it forever”, the other said “2 mins more, we are going down.” Believe the ultimate happiness lies in the victory not the attempt to attain it.


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