5 Weird Problems Faced By A Left-Handed Person

 5 Weird Problems Faced By A Left-Handed Person

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Though we feel a bit privileged to be among the limited 10- 12% of the world’s population, we often have to endure the frequent criticism, just because we are left handed. There are a few things, we are said to be doing the wrong way and so are often treated as an assemblage of cursed lot!
Even worse, the word “left-handed person” is often used to indicate anything bad or negative with the most embarrassing usage being a left-handed wife to mean a “mistress”.
If you are one of those victims being ordained by the creepy left-brained lot (yes the right-handed people are left brained), then try relating your bitter experiences with any of the following.
But if this is someone from the mightier crowd, who has stumbled upon this article, take no offence, just try not to be set your right-brained counterparts..!

  1. A typical “you- are-cursed –and –so-are- not –eligible” situation

    Because you innately have this “weird” habit of using your left hand, you are quite not eligible to write that SWASTIK symbol (a typical Indian habit of starting something good..! ) on the first page of a book(be it a class notes, a personal diary or any kind for that matter)..!This may sound too bizarre at first, but yes, we were too quick to come to terms with the reality, and life goes on…although we frequently receive ” left-handed compliments…”.Oh, if you are already at sea with what I meant by this, here is some news : left-handed compliment is an adorned form of the word INSULT..!


Not only in the middle ages, even now we are treated as creepy creatures with some evil powers!


  1. Math blues

    From the very beginning of our childhood, we were made to strain our grey cells beyond the threshold limit..! Yes, because our awesomeness would be terrific when we were made to do math in the early stages. Ask a south paw toddler to write down a number, (say 21..) while simultaneously spelling it out, I bet you, the kid would promptly read out ” TWO ONE …TWENTY ONE” and instantly writes the same as 12 .


If you are still unclear as to how his/her brain acted, here is the clue: the kid starts writing from right to left and so ends up getting disastrous results(12 for 21).


  1. Eating

    I wonder if I have to put this under the innumerable insults we face or just describe this as the most annoying question posed by people ,when they know that one is a lefty..! Here it goes: “Oh my god.…! Now that you are a lefty, do you even take food with your left hand..?!? ”


They ask this question with such firm conviction (already imagining that the other person never uses his /her right hand…) that, we are forced to feel like punching them on their face! Though it is not purely a fiction that one doesn’t use his/her left hand, there is no hard and fast rule that every lefty guy or girl does the same..!


  1. Writing chairs

    Sadly, the world out there is designed just for the right-handed people. So, we naturally have to face a lot of problems in the course of customizing things or getting accustomed to the cruel world, for being in the minority! Most of us( yeah, I am a lefty too, so, I defensively include myself) have to struggle in order to be able to use the writing chairs , tailor made for the bulky lot!



    Though a writing chair looks normal, the plank is fixed to the right hand side, making it a herculean task for us, rendering us do some gymnastics, before we can finally adjust to the strikingly uncomfortable posture!

  1. Girly problem

    It would be even worse if you are a girl! By some statistics it is known that women tend to be more right handed (by 4%) than men. To put simply, “left –handed girls are rare”. So whenever people come across a left-handed girl, they just can’t resist treating her as some alien! This treatment gets more regretful when she gets married or if she already is..!


Again, if there is some icing on the cake and the girl hails from a traditional south Indian family or gets into one, she is doomed for life. For any task, be it a menial thing like setting the dinner table or a giving someone a glass of water, she is totally proscribed from using her left hand!