6 Images Which Will Make You Nostalgic About Your Hostel Life

6 Images Which Will Make You Nostalgic About Your Hostel Life

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If you’ve ever stayed in a hostel, or rather managed to survive in one, you will certainly get nostalgic reading this piece. However worse the food, bed and the wardens may be, the beautiful memories of the free and independent life with wonderful friends are surely unforgettable.

Do you remember the hostel food, does it still haunt you? 😛 Presenting some beautiful minimalist posters of hostel food-


1 . It might rain in Rajasthan, but these breads never had any moisture. LoL


2. Hostel staff serving as if they are going to eat only what they save from your plate. This becomes their tool of revenge.


3. Do not mess with the mess staff, says the board outside the dining hall.ef5b4faeb1b4aadc1ee9b852d41da02b
4. Swear they care for you more than your mom. The only difference is its low-quality oil instead of ghee. More the same thing still. 😛
5. My god, I never get how do they name their dishes. Probably the only common ingredient of all they super-delicious dishes is – too much love. 😛 Meri Maa 😛
dce517e5d68e6f43e36377416cf394a36. Bet, you still have your hostel menu cards in your memory, by heart. You saw it more repeatedly than you books after all.
Share your hostel memory with us in the comment box, we will love to add them here. 😀

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