6 Kinds Of Guys You Should Never Let Go Of

6 Kinds Of Guys You Should Never Let Go Of

One Of These Might Be Sitting Right Next To You!

Working on being the best possible version of yourself is itself not a cakewalk and finding someone who compliments you like no one else can is a thing falling in the list of nearly impossible tasks in the world. What if that special someone who had the caliber to be your one was already there but you missed out on him because you could not catch some obvious signs! Don’t worry girls! We won’t let that crisis ever happen. Go on with the list below to find some really good guys who deserve your attention instead of wasting it over some below-the-mark ones.

The guy who can tickle your funny bones

Humor is a social lubricant and that’s the reason why guys with a terrific sense of humour top the wishlist of most of the single women. Who doesn’t want a guy who can make the burden of the world on our shoulders go away with just a few silly yet cute jokes! However, you should maintain a safe hand distance from the ones who tend to be too confrontational with their humor. If his presence makes you giggle for no reasons, don’t let him go girl!


The guy who gets teary eyes on seeing you cry

Where on Earth are we going to find this one! Since antiquitty, men have been portrayed as weird creatures who don’t cry. And most men don’t, usually. So if you ever catch a glimpse of your man lending you a tough shoulder to cry on while trying to hide his own tears which are struggling not to fall down, give him a hug because such guys have got nearly extinct. Men’s tear glands are not as active all the time as that of women (generally). They don’t let the world see their emotional side as often as women do. If he cries for you, he doesn genuinely mean it.


The guy who acts as a Father figure in your life

I completely relate to all those feminist articles saying that we can take care of ourselves and we don’t need a man to tell us what we should do blah blah blah. But how many guys today actually think beyond getting laid and having a good time! If he insists on dropping you home instead of letting you take the cab or gets angry with you for not informing him once you’ve reached your destination, he does care. These guys may seem as over-possessive and over-protective creatures at first but in most cases, they prove as the best husband material in general. If he treats you as his responsibility, that’s actually worth a thousand I Love You’s.


The guy who’s actually a MAN

There’s a sort of a quality in guys with an impeccable sense of style and personal grooming and they rarely do badly with women too. They prefer formal shirts over casual tees, flaunt their beard rather than being clean-shaved and have a life beyond just care-free partying. They may sound a little boring at times but that’s only because they have a maturity level hard to match. These guys won’t take even a minute to impress your family because for most of them, love is not just about casual dating but serious commitment. If you wish to be in a secure relationship, these guys are the best you can find.


The guy who doesn’t buy you flowers, chocolates and expensive presents

This may sound like a big blunder but it actually holds logic. In most of the cases, presents are just substitutes when the person himself isn’t there for you. Although every girl loves a little pampering but lovestories which are too cheesy don’t usually last long. If your guy doesn’t believe in being materialistic, it shows that he is not one of those TV serial types who pull chairs for their girlfriends but also don’t hesitate in flirting with others. If he has a practical outlook towards life, it shows great signs of you two being together in the long run. Afterall real life is way different from fairytales.


The guy who’s family-oriented

In a broader sense, if things go well, you too would be his family one fine day. A guy who prefers going back to his family after office hours over gulping down pegs of beers with friends is definitely one in a million. He might not be one of those Suraj Barjatya’s typical movie characters but if he shows some innate signs of being a family-man, he’d be a great lifepartner for sure. Such guys are simple yet sophisticated and the care of their family makes them responsible before time. You’d hardly have a complaint about his life style because he knows that he’s answerable to his family.