6 Signs That You Need To Break-Up Right NOW!

6 Signs That You Need To Break-Up Right NOW!

If Your Relationship Makes You Cry, It's Definitely Not Worth Your Tears!

As beautiful the feeling of being in love is, the pain of breaking-up is equally heart-wrenching. Every love story seems to be a fairytale till the honeymoon period lasts. While some relationships continue to be pulled off even when the short-term anticipation of falling in love gets over, on the contrary some start breaking into pieces as soon as the excitement gets blown off.

Nobody likes accepting that it’s over. You may still be in your fantasies that one day everything would fall into place. But there are some signs, concrete enough, to let you know that it’s really not working anymore!

1) When your partner hits on other girls/boys rather too often!

Harmless checking out is a hormonal disorder by default. We agree! But it surely doesn’t let your partner have the liberty to go on flirting and say, “I was just having a casual conversation…. nothing else.”. If they are shameless enough to crave attention from others despite the fact that someone is still there in their lives, let all hell break loose and confront your partner right away. It’s way better to be single than to get stuck in a not so worthy relationship forever.


2) When your partner is not comfortable with letting the world know that he/she is taken!

Does your partner still wish to wallow in his/her single status? People who love their partners whole-heartedly would never try to show themselves available for others. Why would you want to go back to the trial room when you’ve already bought your dress?? It clearly speaks of you not being sure enough about your choices. If your partner still loves to flaunt his/her single status before others, go ahead for that ‘we need to talk’ conversation.


3) When he/she starts hiding facts and knitting fake stories!

Does your partner get a mini heart-attack as soon as you reach out to his phone? Is he too unwilling to share his Facebook password? Did he turn a date down saying that a friend needs his help but then later on, you came to know that he wasn’t with that friend that day? All these signs lead to the conclusion that something is cooking. We’re not telling you to bid him/her goodbye as soon as you sense something fishy. Talk to partner and try to dig out the real reasons behind the lies. If you’re still not satisfied, you know what to do, right?


4) When he/she criticizes you…. even in public!

There is a thin line between healthy criticism and nasty comments…. and you shouldn’t let anyone cross that line, be it your partner himself. It’s up to you to either be comfortable with being a clown publicly for the sake of a long-lost relationship or show that person where he stands!


5) When you become the last thing on his/her priority list!

Your partner isn’t the busiest person on Earth…… you’ve got millions of other important works in the pipeline too! Relationship demands time, attention and efforts. If he/she is genuinely preoccupied with other things, it’s perfectly okay. But if you notice that it’s just the relationship, he/she hasn’t got enough time to invest in….. right moment for you to move on!


6) When he/she expects all the compromises…… from you solely!

It isn’t just your sole responsibility to make adjustments. If he/she assumes that he/she is perfect enough not to change even a bit for the sake of this relationship……… then you’ve surely got stuck with a moron! Such people have a dangerous superiority complex and they’d blame you for every wrong thing happening in the relationship. If you don’t want your individuality to get ripped off and keep saying ‘sorry’ even if it’s not your fault, better dump your partner before it’s too late.



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