6 Things You Tend To Agree To When You’re Really Drunk But...

6 Things You Tend To Agree To When You’re Really Drunk But Instantly Regret The Morning After

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Being drunk is fun, a lot of fun but unfortunately it also comes with its drawbacks. Most of the times you’ll simply embarrass yourself but that’s ok because no one is going to remember anyway but at other times you make commitments that you possibly can’t keep! Alcohol brings out this ‘can do anything’ spirit in most of us that vanishes just as fast as it came along, when the hangover sets in the next morning. Here is a list of things that most of us tend to agree to when we are drunk but we possibly can’t keep!

1. Going to brunch the next day because why should we ever be sober?


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However when you wake up the next day with a killer hangover, going to brunch doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore.

2. Buying a round of the most expensive shots for the entire table.


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It’s only when you get up and check your credit card bill the next day that you get a minor panic attack and realise what you’ve done.

3. Setting up two of your friends together even though you know they’re totally incompatible.


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One of them is now frustrating you to set up an ‘accidental on purpose’ meeting and you don’t know how to avoid it.

4. Booking or buying anything online that is non-refundable.


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For some reason your drunk self felt like you really needed that kayak and you absolutely had to buy it. Now that you’re sober you realise what in god’s name are you going to do with a bloody kayak!?

5. Agreeing to volunteer your time or money for this charity that one of your acquaintances is so damn passionate about.


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Now they won’t stop bugging you with emails, messages and call and you really don’t know how to avoid them so you have no option but to go do the good deed your drunk self-promised them you would.

6. Sending out blast messages to all your WhatsApp groups telling them how much you love them and how they absolutely need to be there for your party next week.


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You actually intended to have a small get together because let’s face it – you’re insanely broke but now you have somehow organise and entertain everyone you’ve ever known!