6 Tips to Deal With An October Born Partner

6 Tips to Deal With An October Born Partner

The month of October is ruled by the planet of Venus and by the charming sign of Libra. There may come a time when you find yourself in love with one of these Octoberites, and when that time comes, these little nuggets of knowledge might just help you navigate the relationship. After all dating is already a complicated business so seeking a tiny meany help from the stars is not at all a crime. Mug up the clues and help yourself sail through the sea of love with your October born sweetheart.

They get offended pretty easily

These people are prim and proper most of the time noting down every little details about their moves so that they can improvise later. They take remarks too personally so be sure to choose your words wisely. What is merely a joke for you might be a matter of life & death for these October borns. As much as they hate criticism, they tend to hold the grudge if someone crosses the mark. Made an offensive remark months before? Don’t worry they’re still a little pissed off about it!


They’re a little indecisive

Thai or Indian? Movie or clubbing? Formals or casuals? No, they’re still deciding and haven’t yet made up their mind! They’re blessed with rational brains and accurate intuitions but when it comes to making a decision in the relationship, you might have to take the lead. They obsessively weigh the pros and cons but even after some exhaustive long hours of self-debate, the decision is made only by the force of some other person. There’s a strong chance that they’ll regret it almost immediately or spend the rest of their lives wondering how things would be different had they taken the other route.


They struggle to say ‘no’

These generous, eager-to-please Octoberites are more than happy to be of some use to their loved ones. Go ahead and take a bite of that chocolate cake on their plate you’ve been eyeing, and they won’t mind. Even if loads of pending work is assembled in the pipeline, they’ll keep their files aside and help that co-worker with his last minute project because he has to catch on his date. You might get annoyed at their grand gestures because these folks easily let others take an advantage of them. And yes, they’ll bitch about it later before you!


They’ll never ever be partial in their judgement

Don’t expect your October born partner to take your side because these scales are so unbiased that they can be appointed as the Judge of a court. They are born peacemakers and even if they kind of hate someone, they won’t hold themselves back from speaking their merits because their personal issues don’t intrude into their judgements. If a fight erupts between you and your worst enemy, they’ll support the one who’s is right and not who is closer to them. They can’t take the stress of hatred and other such negative emotions. They are strongly motivated by a desire for justice and their sense of diplomacy makes them devote every ounce of their energy to establish peace and harmony in the world.


They are a bit materialistic

They’ve a thing for lusturous, beautiful and pricey materials and their reckless shopping habit can often hurt their wallet. They just love being around beautiful things. They see value in investing in quality even if that thing remains tossed as a show-piece at some corner of the house. You may have a hard time deciding those Valentine’s gifts for your October born honey because he/she will expect something worth being showed off. Just a plain ‘I Love You’ won’t be enough, love spiced up with materialistic things is what it takes your relationship to be perfect in the eyes of your Octoberite partner. They won’t directly ask for a diamond served on some 20K gold platter, but at the same time they also won’t turn it away!


They are born flirts yet insanely possessive about their partners

That doesn’t make them cheats, in fact they are fiercely loyal. But they love to act charismatic and make people go gaga over them. But hey, watch out! If they do it that’s okay, but if you do it, you’re in a big trouble dude! October borns are insane about calling the shots in a relationship and even the slightest feeling of losing over their partner drives them crazy. Whether it’s a night-out with your college buddies or a close business party at your workplace, they need to note down all the details of every event where they’re not invited with you. It has nothing to do with their level of trust in you but even the smallest possibility of you being not around makes their minds manifest the worst possible scenarios, all on their own.


So there you have it folks. Keep this in mind and things will be more beautiful with your October born partner.

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