7 Car-O-Bar Secrets Unveiled – A New Day-end Getaway of Urban Youngistaan

7 Car-O-Bar Secrets Unveiled – A New Day-end Getaway of Urban Youngistaan

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In its literal meaning in Hindi, the word stands for “Work during Business Hours”, while its homonym in the urban lingo, in a stark contrast refers to “Binging on Liquor in a Car, after business hours(mostly)”. And those who have tasted it claim it has no parallel to it for the “Trance” it takes you into! The Most popular Car-O-Bar flings are near “English Thekas” (read Liqour vends) adjacent to make shift dhabaas that dole out lip smacking Tandoori food served with ringed onions soaked in a tingy appetizing coriander chutney!

Do You Know What Secrets they talk About….Well here are some parts of the Voices overheard!


“Quick Stressbuster”: Have heard choicest expletives about “Bosses” and “office Politics”, After 2 Cans, It’s like standing in front of a gun barrel of a howitzer and screaming “Challa Sale”!!



Remembering Old Girlfriends” : Boasting of the fact that “you” left her(where inside, your heart has a different story to share  and the “fun times” you had).



BC of Highest Order”: No limits whatsoever, everyone has something to share and everyone seems to know each other since ages! Everyone has an “idea that they claim can change the World”.



The “Havoc of Wife”: for their eternal shopping demands or constant nagging about small things, and then someone says” His Wife is Perfect” and all others scream at him, yelling “Chad gayi Sale Ko”.

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The “Crushes in School”…Remember that baby faced english teacher in class 9, who stood 5’ 9” inches, dressed up in a starched pink cotton saree ….She still turns me on Yaar even today!



An “All Girlie Car-O-Bar” is notches higher with bitching ranging from a revealing panty line of a colleague to gag attention, to bets on who wears padded one and who doesn’t. Sometimes they drag husbands in the ditch and conclude “Her Husband is not even a Man, He was talking crazy Yaar” ..How did she knew this, Well it’s still a mystery to me!! They all talk like newsreaders revealing “Breaking News” on national TV….” Tujhe Pata Hai…Uska…”




While this might not make sense to many, so what even Shakespeare didn’t made any to me as well till date, But this day end get away has found many lovers, who work overtime(use work as an alibi at home) to vent out their frustration, angst, to come back rejuvenated next day to the Grind!


To conclude, Would Say what “Mehfils” were to the masters of Urdu Prose, Car-O-Bar is to the happy go lucky folks who believe in harmless fun, and wisely drink away their sorrows, regrets in concoction of moments of life full of happiness….”Stirred But not Shaken”at no cost!


PS: Drunken Driving is Unsafe, Refrain from Such Adventures!