7 Sings To Check If You Are A DRAMA QUEEN

7 Sings To Check If You Are A DRAMA QUEEN

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To all those high drama girls who roll their eyes and throw tantrums, wait baby- I have arrived- Your DRAMA QUEEN. I have a PhD in setting people’s ass on fire and their little little brains in despair. And, I am way too royal and fine, that you dream not dream being mine.
If you think yourself to be a good nominate to the category, here are a few check-



1. Spot light Loving :  Drama Queens always love being the center of gravity, be it by hook or crook. They love people’s attention and often know the art of getting it very well!



2. Nothing is Small ! : A step on your foot (by mistake of course)  is equally horrible and bothering for as much as a nuclear bomb.



3. Moody : You can be the happiest girl in minutes and might feel worst after a few seconds, that’s how your hormones play. Your attitude changes with people and things.



 4. Self-obsession : You love to speak about what you like, what you do not like, how you are, what you did, where you went or may be what you ate, just any and everything about just you and yourself makes you feel good. 



5. Living Life Awesomely : Life around you is very interesting, though it may actually not be, but you make sure you add a lot of spice to it. You just don’t like boring stuff !


6. We are picky: You like thinks to be very perfect, such that you reject those with even little marks. Same with how you select people for yourself, they compulsorily have to be awesome! After all why not expect life that way, when you yourself are the queen ! 😉



7. Lifestyle Lovers : While you carefully check every angle of your looks, looking for just the perfect style. You believe in great dressing sense, hair style and especially attitude of people. That’s how you fall in love and choose your mates.