7 Things To Cherish In Your Relation Before Celebrating 7 Days Of...

7 Things To Cherish In Your Relation Before Celebrating 7 Days Of Valentines

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Valentines is here! One of the most awaited days of the season. It’s is no less bigger or grander than any festival in India. Where we have adopted this culture from West, Valentines is more rooted to Indians now.

But before we celebrate this special day check these 7 signs to make sure that you are doing it the right way for the right person:


1. When you look at your partner.. It is the best sight that comforts you the most..


2. He/ she is the only one for whom you don’t mind altering your days, nights or your life..


3. Even when every day is a Valentines day for you both but when February kick starts.. You automatically start feeling the butterflies!


4. Your promise to be together was started with the minimum time span of ‘Forever..’


5. You mean it when you call them your better-half.. Because they add more meaning to your life and complete you..


6. It’s only because of love when you started believing in the opposite of the theory that, “Opposite poles DO attract!”


7. No matter how long you both have been together.. It was never about you or me, it was all always about “US.”

And we wish it stays like this forever.. So, if you agree with them all! Go and get your partner and plan the perfect weekend with him/her.

Have a great Valentines!

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