8 Coolest Affordable Dating Ideas Inspired From Sia’s Cheap Thrills

8 Coolest Affordable Dating Ideas Inspired From Sia’s Cheap Thrills

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Your crush finally gave you a greenlight when asked out but your wallet still smiles sarcastically! Can life be more harsh? Relax buddy! Sometimes a few pennies can actually win over a quarter. Being low on budget doesn’t make you lag any behind in your way to a perfect dream date. When you can’t count on your pocket, call up your partner and invite him/her over to have some ‘Cheap Thrills’ because you don’t need dollar bills to have fun! You must have turned on the radio over and over again just to hear this amazing song by the Australian recording artist Sia but have you ever wondered how many bonafide dating ideas you can actually steal from it! Keep scrolling down and go through some budget-friendly dating tricks which promise to give you a fun night, at the same time don’t hurt you pocket too. *wink*

Dance The Night Away!

Shaking legs doesn’t need any mullas. Hit the dance floor and show the world what you and you partner in crime have got. There are many affordable clubs out there which have great music and set you in a perfect mood for making the night one heck of a crazy memory. It doesn’t take you to be a millionaire to show your moves.


Cook Together

This one’s a win-win situation. You get to spend some amazing time together and you get to have food for free! It’s a chance to test out each others skills in the kitchen, as well. Make sure to turn some romantic music on while you’re doing the thing. This will set the perfect dating mood. Cooking was never this romantic!


Be A Gamer

Unless you’re a gaming aficionado, you may not realize that there are some really cool and fun board games out there. A game date night doesn’t start from Scrabble and end with Monopoly. We should let go of our cheesy candlelit dinner image once in a while and make some fun side come out. Hunt the city and spend the rest of the night beating each other on board. Or may be you can get united and show the other couples what your team has got!


Bike Ride

Just as fun as the other ideas mentioned here, but on wheels! Choose a suitable location for the rise, for instance, along the beach or lake, or maybe through the hills or mountainside. When your girlfriend would hold you tight everytime you speed up your bike, you’ll thank us for sure!


Go Hiking

A day trip to the trails is a great way to enjoy beautiful landscapes, chat, and sneak in some exercise without shortening the figures in your bank account.


Go Fishing

For the outdoorsy type, there are few better ways to enjoy someone’s company without giving much pain to your wallet. It’s not only an excellent relaxation activity but also allows for conversation and closeness in the great outdoors. And luckily if you do happen to catch something in your goodie bag, you can feed on your own fish fry to give a delicious end to your date!


Spend The Night Stargazing

Afterall stars don’t charge to look at them! Why not go out away from the light pollution and noise of the city and amaze your partner with your knowledge of astronomy? Nothing can be more romantic than resting in the arms of your sweetheart, wrapped in a single blanket, and waiting for a shooting star to bless you with togetherness forver!


Go Sightseeing

Get to know each other and get to see the whole town as well. Visit the most exotic places together, walk as much as you can, and play tourists in a fun way!