8 Must-Visit Places for Book-Lovers

8 Must-Visit Places for Book-Lovers

There are people who are simply crazy book-lovers who crave for books so much so that they pretend to be having insomnia when they really are actually having an awesome book in hand and an inadequate respect for tomorrow, just for completing on that book. If you’re one of those novel-keeda, then these 10 places are a must-visit for you.

1. Writer’s Hill, Nahan is one of the ideal places to go for every reader and writer who wants solace and is books are the sole purpose of your living! Based out in Chandigarh, its a must-go.
2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: For an avid reader, there is simply no better place than a beach-side and the best book. What ore do you need than sea waves and a sunset?
3. A Garden with a Hammock: When you lie down on a hammock with your reading addiction, the hammock fun in the garden takes it to another level making you simply indulge into the book!
4. Kunzum Cafe, Delhi: As long as you have the company of a good book, a place like Kunzum Cafe serves you justice with its awesome ambiance!
5. The terrace of your Home: It is the plain simple comfort of your home
and every book lover only wants a relaxing place with their favorite book. And what better than your own terrace?


6. Cha Bar, Caunnaught Place: With the best of interiors and the incredible soothing peace of this place makes Cha Bar the best cafe for book lovers!
7. A lonesome Cliff in foothills of Himalaya will serve as one of the ideal spots to sit and read through a romantic novel.
8. The Delhi Bookfair, Pragati Maidan with its huge area and such a diverse collection of books is simply heaven for all the book lovers round
the world.



No matter how much people criticize books and get frustrated with just their textbooks or want to live without books, but all book lovers know how amazing is the smell of a freshly opened novel. So, just visit these places with your favorite novel and experience a different world altogether.


Source: Tumblr.com and Pinterest