8 Reasons Why Novel ‘From Tiggie, With Love’ Is Already Making Big...

8 Reasons Why Novel ‘From Tiggie, With Love’ Is Already Making Big News Before Its Release

When one writes a first novel, he wishes for many good things coming his way: a few fine reviews with blessings, a national best-seller, a healthy fan following and a vision to continue his legacy.

But Nitin Sharma, who was born in Punjab, but grew and read in Chandigarh’s premier educational institutes, is still gasping up the brilliant response he is getting! Even before the release of his debut romantic novel ‘From Tiggie, With Love’, he already has a fan following of hundreds of people on his Twitter and Facebook page… True admirers, who believe or have been in true love!

Nitin’s novel – From Tiggie, With Love – has to be officially launched this Thursday in India, both offline and online. It’s called a “partial romantic mystery, partial psychological thriller and an intense story that will reaffirm your belief and faith in the power of love. ” Here are few reasons as to why novel ‘From Tiggie, with love’ is already making big news before its release:

1. Cuteness personified with the title ‘From Tiggie, With Love’ :-*

from tiggie with love 1The ‘Awww’ factor is well carried in the title and trust me, it justifies all that’s inside!

2. Attention grabber Nitin Sharma..Naam to suna hi hoga 😀

from tiggie with love 2A first generation entrepreneur , Nitin Sharma has never been into novel writing. Although he began writing as a school kid, after completing his engineering, masters of business administration and creating a mark for himself in the corporate World, Nitin Sharma figured he had to be practical about his future and took to full time writing.

3. You get to know how it is … to be in love <3

from tiggie with love 3The novel has a concept where the emphasis is laid on the fact that there is someone in this World who makes you feel COMPLETE like no one else. That very person need not be your life partner, or anyone from your family.

4. Not just another love story- It’s original…right from the heart!

from tiggie with love 4After all, “Tasty maggi aur kamyaab zindagi, dono hi do minute mein nahi banti“- as quoted by the lead character Rehaan in the novel. Feelings and originality at its best!

5. The prologue itself is already read by thousands of youngsters

from tiggie with love 5Yea! The prologue is already out and in case you have not gone through it, you can read here. What happens next? How does the interview go?? Clueless? Read the book.

6. It tells you why men are from Mars 😛

from tiggie with love 6He he… I might sound funny but this novel has such conversations among the opposite sexes that primarily focuses on a man’s point of view. Here you go… you will know men better after reading this novel.

7. The novelist has a perfect surprise gift for its readers in the book, and yes it is romantic !

from tiggie with love 7I am desperately waiting to buy the book to know the surprise element hidden in between the aromatic pages of the novel. And I’m sure it’s totally worth my time… Who doesn’t like gifts yaar

8. Make sure you read it… there are rumours of it to be made into a movie!

from tiggie with love 8With a roller-coaster of emotions filling your heart, this one is probably the next in the pipe line to be cast into a movie. What are you waiting for… Click here to pre-order your book now!