8 Rights Every Teenager Should Definitely have

8 Rights Every Teenager Should Definitely have

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1. Right to be Understood and Loved Irrespective of MARKS or GRADES : Because in all of us there is a crack, which can only be filled by love and understanding.


2. Right Against Being Humiliated and Punished  : Not because it just hurts the ego but humiliation and punishments don’t teach a teenager anything ! They only build up hatred and anger.


3. Right to An Honest Friend : Be it a teacher, a classmate, a neighbour just anybody who would understand you and would wipe your tears and listen to you instead of judging youAll of us deserve an honest friend.


4. Right to Non-Violent Parents:  Because this too is a type of domestic violence, a physical abuse. Hands and sticks can never discipline teenagers nor can marks on our body. 


5. Right to Basic Freedom :  Not FULL FREEDOM, but a little privacy and liberty that at least allows us to be who we want to be and whom to be with.


6. Right to Decide for Ourselves  : Decide what we want to do the rest of our lives, decide for ourselves what is good and not-so-good for us. Yes, we might make some mistakes, but isn’t that how we all learn ?


7. Right to Be Our Ownself  : To be saved from comparisons, trying to make us who we aren’t. To just celebrate our own craziness and live life our way.  


8. Right to Internet : Of course if you are reading this, you are probably lucky to have this right. But for those who are isolated from internet for some fears, internet gives you endless power. 


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And of course, without duties and responsibilities, rights are meaningless. DO NOT EVER FORGET YOU WILL LOOSE ALL YOUR RIGHTS THE MOMENT YOU START MISUSING THE ONES YOU ALREADY HAVE !


Be good and understanding, but do not compromise on rights which are essential for your learning and growing. Happy Life 😀