8 Teen Taboos That Need To Break Today

8 Teen Taboos That Need To Break Today


Why it’s such a big deal to talk about? It’s a very personal choice and one should be aware how he/she wants to go about it.



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2. PMSing

Like seriously? What’s there to be shy about? Stop acting like a kid. It’s a FACT of life. ACCEPT it.


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3. Porn sites

It’s such a big one amongst teen taboos! So who hasn’t watched them? Girls? Guys? All of us has, right? So where is the problem? Admit it. And if can’t then stop watching. No one is telling to talk to your parents about it but just be open minded about it.


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4. Kissing

We all have grown up watching Hollywood movies and have been fascinated about being ‘kissed.’ It’s a great thing to experience and express love. It is as simple as that.

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5. Condoms

The most important thing that need to be TALKED about! It’s a basic piece of information that needs to be imparted in each and every teen. Where Indian kids in foreign are solving problem of STDs by introducing condoms, we are still stuck with them being discussed!


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6. Sex Education

It is a subject that needs to be included in all schools and taught about. You don’t have to run from it or shy away, you need to gain knowledge about it. It is the ONLY reason that we all are there on this planet.



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7. Drugs

Getting high with a joint is different and being a drug addict is different! Decide for yourself.


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8. The ‘Depression’ Syndrome

If you aren’t doing well in life or facing a low phase that doesn’t you are depressed! It means you are a human with emotions and feelings.

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