8 Things I would never do as a Parent to my Children...

8 Things I would never do as a Parent to my Children when I grow up

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May be because we grow up in different times and have different exposures . Call it Generational Gap or Stupid Belief system , give it a name of your choice . But the truth is , we always end up preparing our own WHAT-I-WILL-NOT-DO-WITH-MY-CHILDREN-LIST . Here is one such list . Hope you connect to it as much as we do .


Make different rules for my son or daughter . No , I won’t even love my daughter more , I will be equally loving to both of them no matter what it is.


Would never be hurt at the arguments of my children . I will allow them to be independent thinkers who would be free to oppose and correct me when I am wrong . I will not be afraid to accept and give up my ego.

Less Marks ? You know even your dad flunked Grade 9th , hahaha …. While I have grown up enough to understand success in life is not proportional to marks.


I would never force my dreams on my children . May be I couldn’t do what I wanted to , but I will make  sure that I am not dumb enough to impose those unfulfilled dreams of mine on my children , who already have a heart to decide their own .


Love ? It happens , I know kiddo . If ever I have my child falling in love , I will not react like I am from Mars . I will respect human emotions and that falling in love is natural and can happen. But I would make sure that it doesn’t hurt them, and if it doesn’t work out it instead helps them grow and learn.


I am not going to be a perfect parent from the start and I will make mistakes. But I will apologize to my children . It may take me sometime , but I will not let my kids learn that adults have all the right to be egoistic not to accept when they are wrong .


If on this earth , I can commit the worse sin , it would be to harass or abuse my wife and marginalize her . I will never let that happen , for my wife and for my children who must grow up learning it not okay to violate women or people they love.


Movies , Parties , Hangouts , Vacations and Much more . Now this is not a list of hypothetical parenting .But then after being stressed with bloody fight to get their place in this congested world , I will make sure my children arnet bored of life . Fun is as important as seriousness, right??


After following this Parenting Handbook wont you make the best parents on this earth ? May be yes , but until then grow up kiddo ..xD and don’t forget to keep aside your whatsapping and give your parents a tight hug every now and then.