8 Very Important Things About Life Every Parent Must Tell Their Kid

8 Very Important Things About Life Every Parent Must Tell Their Kid

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1. Beauty isn’t what you see around, it’s much deep

Never pay heed to all that crap of fairness and six-pack abs that everybody talks of. You are not to make yourself a tube light to glow more than everybody else nor are you a bouncer to go on wrestling with everybody. Do not dare being stupid enough to envy that next door neighbor for their pity looks, always remember you are much beautiful than all these tiny unimportant things. You were born for a greater purpose. This is what every parent must tell their kid for happy life!



2. Whatever you choose to do in your life, you’ll always be loved

Do not be afraid of doing what you want to, even if you fail, our love will never decrease any little. We trust you that you would never cheat your own self to not try your very best. And if it doesn’t work, it’s absolutely Fine. Not every hero makes it over every hill, but that doesn’t mean my hero is any less.


3. People around you, your company affects you in ways you can’t think of

You may disagree, and I understand. It is unconscious, but the people you decide to give space in your life, if not wisely chosen can harm you in ways you cannot imagine. It’s always better not to stick to a few people, go on and talk, be friends with , fall in love with as many people as you can. Do not judge people for who they are- lame, stupid, jun-glee or uncool , that’s not your job, you yourself won’t like to labelled so. Won’t you?



4. You never know who’s not going to be there tomorrow

Be thankful to people, to everybody you’ve every had in your life. To those who made you feel bad, to those who fought with you, to those who humiliated you , broke your heart , just everybody. You know why? They’ve made you stronger and better than whom you were. Walk to them and with a wide smile on your face, say loudly- THANK YOU for being in my life. You never know what or who is not going to be there with you the next moment. Life is very uncertain.



5. Strength is never physical, you are much more powerful than your muscles

No, it is not okay to bully your friends, it is not at all fine to sadden them for whom they are. Would you like anything like that to be done to you? Would you ever? And you know, most of the good things in this world cannot actually be seen, so can’t the indomitable strength you have. It is much much higher and stronger than what you think of it. Strength is your courage, your love and your will to change. Do not ever allow yourself to feel bad about not being strong enough, your strength is not relative to people around you.



6. Good deeds and bad deeds all come back

Don’t be bad to anybody, and if ever you be, dare not complain about them being bad to you. It’s a vicious circle, the way you treat others, you are bound to be met out the very same treatment. Be ready to be returned what you gift.



7. People are never bad, be good to all of them

You never know what somebody has been through, where they come from, how they’ve been raised and hence give yourself no right to think of them any bad. Everybody you will know, would be a wonderful human being, I bet on that. You might not know that at the first place, but even in your own self , aren’t there so many things people cannot make out easily. Until you make an effort to be friend with them , know them and understand, you must not have your heart reserved for loving them.



8. Follow your heart no matter what

Pursue your passion despite what the world feels about it. Be it dancing, singing, swimming, flying or may be clicking photographs , whatever you do, do it with all your hearts. Do something the world won’t forget for centuries. No matter what the world tries to make out of you, including me, promise that you would never betray your own self. Remember at the end of the day, the only person you are accountable to is -YOU, yourself.

Take care.


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