8 Ways To Keep Your Partner Still Interested In You

8 Ways To Keep Your Partner Still Interested In You

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When you’ve been a relationship for way too long and there aren’t any ‘firsts’ left anymore, life may become a little dull. Keeping the romance alive is a round the clock job. People say relationships are supposed to be easy and while that is true, they don’t exactly maintain themselves. If you’ve been in a relationship for way too long, we feel your dilemma. Read our list to know how to get that spark back!

1. Surprise your partner with a weekend getaway or even a home cooked meal.


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Watch their spirits rise when they realise you still care and the relationship isn’t dead yet. You’ll instantly feel better about the whole thing.

2. Constantly remind each other how much you’ll mean to each other.


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There is no feeling better feeling in the world than when someone tells you they love you! Sometimes in the hustle bustle of the daily grind we may forget to remind our partners about our true feelings.

3. Plan out date nights like you’ll used when you’ll first started dating.


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Instead of simply throwing on a jeans and t-shirt and driving to the nearest restaurant or worst calling for take-out food, actually get dressed and go on a romantic candlelight dinner!

4. Learn to communicate better and talk about each other’s daily lives.


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After a while you stop taking interest in every little detail of your partner’s life which might lead you to missing out on the bigger things. Lay in bed and talk to each other till early morning about your hopes, dreams and ambitions.

5. Cuddle together instead of sleeping on opposite corners of the bed.


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Remember when you’ll first started dating and couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Now all both of you’ll want is more space. Stop being like that and just snuggle up together and see how good that feels.

6. Go on an escapade together – do something you’ve never done before!


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Trying something new or explore areas you’ll haven’t been to before. Even if it just eating Vietnamese cuisine together for the first time, just trying something different will bring excitement in your lives.

7. Get more adventurous in bed and try new things sexually.


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Spice things up and see where it goes. Maybe a little dress up or role playing could help elevate the boredom in your bedroom and light a spark.

8. Just have fun together and enjoy each other’s company.


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If you don’t like your partner’s company, I’ll just come out and say it, there’s no point being together! But if you’ll have a great time together even though you’ll might have drifted apart slightly, now is the best time to close that distance!