9 Awesome Quotes From The Romantic Novel ‘From Tiggie, With Love’ That...

9 Awesome Quotes From The Romantic Novel ‘From Tiggie, With Love’ That Will Give You Goosebumps

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The very simple, yet moving, ‘From Tiggie, With Love’ is one of my ever-favourite romantic novels in the recent times. Written by Nitin Sharma, this novel has captured the hearts and souls of two truly mad for each other beings in an amazing manner, which cannot be described in words!

The Romantic Novel ‘From Tiggie, With Love’ brings out the value of relationships as beautifully as the Sun lights up the edges of each leaf in a tree. It brings out the existence of each and every character in the book so warmly and realistically, that you can’t help but relate.

And so, I couldn’t resist myself from chipping in some of the awesome romantic quotes from the book, that very simply talk about the most valuable things of life… Trust me, these will give you goosebumps!

1. “There comes a time when the whole World goes quiet and the only thing that speaks is your own heart.”
from tiggie, with love 1
2. “Yes, complete was the right word. It felt as if nothing else was required after that. We loved each other truly… madly… and completely.”
from tiggie, with love 2
3. “Friendship and love are the only two things in life jo bewajah, bematlab aur beparwah hai.
from tiggie, with love 3
4. “And as far as being lucky is concerned, luck is when, jo haathon mein ho, wo hathon ki lakeeron mein bhi ho.
from tiggie, with love 4
5. “The biggest high in life is when you are romancing the fine line that separates euphoria and destruction.”
from tiggie, with love 5
6. ” The best moments, the ones we have enjoyed the most are the ones in which we have often forgot to take photographs. It’s the moments that stay with us and not the photographs.”
from tiggie, with love 6
7. “I guess you tend to handover the control when you love someone. The other person becomes more important when you love. I believe it’s submission to love and not some sort of surrender.”
from tiggie, with love 7
8. “When circumstances force you to leave someone whom you love a lot and when the other person loves you even more; it’s nothing but a curse. It would have been better had we never met.”
from tiggie, with love 8
9. And… the most romantic and innocent of all! “‘Tiggie, meri baatein aapke sath kabhi khatam nai hongi,’ said Ishaani holding Rehaan’s hand and turned around to hug him forever.”
from tiggie, with love 9

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