9 Reasons You Can’t Stop Yourself From Falling In Love With The...

9 Reasons You Can’t Stop Yourself From Falling In Love With The Author Of The Romantic Novel ‘From Tiggie, With Love’

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Ladies, take it from me. He will steal your heart. He will own it, no matter what! He will take your breath away. He will turn your spherical iris into a pumping heart. He will make your knees quiver.

Yes, we are talking about a very sophisticated and down to Earth debut writer Nitin Sharma. He is an open book, wearing his heart on his sleeves, and has newly found his ability to articulate his thoughts and feelings on paper movingly. While everyone aims for the limelight, he just ‘wants to distract the readers’ minds from their everyday stressful lives’ as quoted by him. Here we list down few simple reasons why you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with Nitin Sharma:


1. He will woo you with his charming words-‘ Kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayaal aata hai….’

From Tiggie, With Love 1And… you will not even come to know what he has done to you. Such is the power of simplicity wrapped in the language of love. He will share his feelings with you in so many ways you can’t even imagine!

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2. Your own personal story-teller he is…

From Tiggie, With Love 2His company will never sink you down to boredom as he will have stories for every situation. Very easily he can lift up your spirits and provoke your thoughts.

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3. Smart, intelligent and on his feet for you…. all the time!

From Tiggie, With Love 3You will be amazed by the vast vocabulary he possesses. Being an engineer in biotechnology and a management graduate, It will prove to be fresh icing on cake J

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4. Money doesn’t matter for him

From Tiggie, With Love 4Date him and you’ll be dating someone who does what he wants to do because he loves it, not in an attempt to get rich. Money is never his priority to be precise.

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5. Your name might be there in his next novel 😉

From Tiggie, With Love 5He can dedicate one of his novels to you if he takes you as an inspiration. Isn’t it a cute and adorable way of expressing love! <3

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6. Your naggings will be taken ‘Sar aankhon par’

From Tiggie, With Love 6He deals with criticism daily. He has learned smart way to assess constructive criticism and persevere in hard-hitting times.

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7. He doesn’t give up easily

From Tiggie, With Love 7He can be your inspiration when it comes to composing yourself from the harsh realities of people and life. It’s always the positive side he looks at and never the negative!

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8. Free spirited and awesomely creative!

From Tiggie, With Love 8Will you believe me when I say that a man is free spirited? Here we have a male personality who wants to fly like a bird, explore all the possibilities of life with his feet grounded. He is your very own Nitin Sharma!

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9. He is honest and refined speaker– ‘Seedhi baat karu, na karu tol mol ke!’

From Tiggie, With Love He means what he says and says what he means. He is honest and to the point. He won’t beat around the bush and he won’t lie to you, even if sometimes it might hurt your feelings. Being in a relationship with this writer will guarantee honesty and trust, for sure!

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Being loved by him, you will be understood, even if only he knows just enough to know that he will never, quite, fully, understand you. He will definitely love you to the moon and back! XOXO

Nitin Sharma is author of “From Tiggie, With Love”