9 Reasons You Love To Eat & Not Cook

9 Reasons You Love To Eat & Not Cook

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Food, love of our lives and one thing we cant actually to do without. But after noticing our current lazy human race, we all just love to eat and not to cook! You can eat, eat and over-eat but when it comes to cooking, it’s terrifying to even give a thought. Why? Because:

1. The thought of eating is far more appealing than cooking!


2. You lack patience it takes to prepare a meal.


3. You feel food tastes better when cooked by someone else.


4. Our moms have spoiled us since childhood with this habit of not cooking.


5. Your love to eat takes you to more restaurants and leave you broke!


6. Food vanishes in seconds when in front of you!


7. You feel traumatize with the thought of holding a knife only.


8. It’s only Maggi that you think you can cook and lift your chef skills.


9. But once in a blue moon you get this thought, “Khud banao, khud khao yaar!”