9 Secrets Wishes of Every Girl

9 Secrets Wishes of Every Girl

Girls are too secretive sometimes and never want the world to know about the things that they love and feel amazing about. But deep in our hearts we really want some things. Here is a list of all the secret wishes that girls have:

This remain staples on the list that we girls dream about a life where we can eat everything and yet not put on weight. Though not much of a secret now but that is truly are prime wish forever!


Every girl dreams of the day when somehow magically they manage to sustain their make up for an entire day! Imagine how perfect life would be in that case.
No matter how much we deny it, it is kind of flattering when the guys in our class or college look us admiringly. We all secretly want them to like us.
We always wish for having no day as a bad hair day. Imagine how awesome life would be in case we always had the perfect pin-straight hair and the awesome beach waves when we want.
Every girl direly wishes for this for sure: Please whisper something super-insane-naughty in our ears when we are in a public set up. Nothing can turn us on more than that.
Girls really like it when you to make love to them. They might shy away sometimes in being too vocal about it, but just know we loved every bit of it.
Perfecting the winged eye-liner should top this list since that is the one thing we really can not achieve but would honestly love to achieve.
Girls also watch porn. For sure not as much as guys do, may be way too less than that but yes we do and we do not like you knowing about it.


Desserts are our weakness and no matter how much we might say that we are on a strict gym diet, there is nothing that can ever stop us from eating that dessert.


Gif Sources: Tumblr.com