9 Signs Your Partner Is A Self-Obsessed Person!

9 Signs Your Partner Is A Self-Obsessed Person!

A Self-Obsessed Person Is Colour Blind To His Faults!

Does your partner say, “Ohh! I Love Myself” way too often?? Does his day begin with hitting the like button on his own pictures and end with praising his deeds all by himself?? He may not be a narcissist of course, but sometimes his over-obsessed attitude might just hurt your self-esteem.

Self-obsessed people tend to portray certain patterns….. and the points listed below might just be some of them.

1) They can never be wrong!

Well at least, that’s what they think. They expect you to agree with whatever they say even if that so-called right thing sounds absolutely bizarre to you! And God forbid if you ever try to correct them, it might raise their eyebrows.


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2) They are always the victims!

So their colleagues hate them, their boss troubles them, their friends take them for granted and so on. Have you got tired of listening to the long complaint list of your partner…… ? For them, the whole world is problematic and your partner would want you to nod your head while he/ she is speaking his/her heart out. May be there’s nothing wrong with the world, there’s actually something wrong with him/her!


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3) Their favorite topic of conversation is ‘themselves’!

Their world revolves around themselves….. so do their conversations. They might get so engrossed in telling you about their whole day experiences that it would completely slip off their minds to ask how your day was. You’d have to stick to your partner’s plans, likes, dislikes and comfort zone as well because such people hardly care about others’ prefrences.


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4) They love those special treatments but don’t bother to give their partners any!

He expects you to be his Queen In Shimmering Clothing but doesn’t bother to be your Knight In Shining Armor or vice-versa. Those V-day gifts, cards, chocolates and special proposals have become your share of duties only. All they care about is what you did for them. What they did for you is something they would give a thought to probably once in a blue moon only!


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5) They can’t take healthy criticism!

Every negative comment is like a slap on their ego. They get offended way too easily , create a scene unnecessarily and then some serious fights follow. Get ready to listen to those “You’ve hurt me” lines on a daily basis!


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6) The daily dose of drama is essential in your relationship!

They overreact to minor things and every simple situation turns out to be complicated one. Before you could explain to them what the actual problem is, the self-obsessive wheels of their minds start churning and the whole discussion gets converted into an argument automatically


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7) It’s you who says sorry….. all the time!

Nobody is perfect…. so aren’t they. But their heads don’t allow them to think so. Doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or that of your partner, apologising is totally your department. They need constant display of emotions from someone to make them feel good about themselves. ‘Sorry’ & ‘I Love You’ are the two phrases, your relationship is going to revolve around!


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8) Their ‘envy’ is their most prized possession!

So, your partner might get jealous of you too if you achieve something all of a sudden that he/she had been trying to get for really long or you’re showered with extravagant compliments from every corner of the world while he/she fails to get noticed.


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9) They expect sympathy from you but don’t bother to return the favor!

They are deeply insecure and expect people to sympathize with them. Your partner would need your shoulder to cry on everytime he/she feels low. But when it comes to your problems, he/she wouldn’t seem to comfort or console you with any compassion.


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